Responsible Parenting

Книжка для дітей «Кіко та рука»

Книжка для читання на ніч пояснює дітям правило «Тут мене не торкайся».

Стрес: порадник для батьків

Ця брошура допоможе батькам розпізнати джерела стресу, який може заважати їм бути хорошими батьками. Тут знаходяться вказівки, як справлятися з труднощами. Порадник також допоможе батькам краще зрозуміти почуття дітей.

Брошура для батьків «Растем вместе – основы успешного воспитания детей»

Український фонд «Благополуччя дітей» надрукував брошуру для батьків «Растем вместе – основы успешного воспитания детей» з метою сприяння розумінню батьками негативних наслідків жорстокого поводження з дітьми в сім‘ї та покращенню практичних знань батьків про позитивні методи дисциплінування дітей.

Magazine “Children-Parents-Family”

The magazine presents articles and training manuals on various issues of upbringing children in families. It will be interesting both for parents and specialists working with them.

Responsible Parenting as a Condition of Adequate Child Development and Community Capacity Building

The publication is the methodological manual for the training. Not only has the concept “conscious parenthood” been highlighted in this book but information about the effective foreign and domestic programs for parents who have children of different age groups is been given. The book emphasizes the existing possibilities for the growth of the upbringing potential of the community. This edition will be useful to social services specialists, social pedagogues and social workers, representatives of the public organizations and officials who deal with social sphere problem solving.

Training Candidates to Foster Parents and Parents-Educators

Training Candidates to Foster Parents and Parents-Educators The manual of trainer is an innovative for Ukraine addition which presents ukrainina version of PRIDE program (РRIDE - Stiching Op Kleine Schaal). Parents resources (fro development, information and education) appeared in USA in early 1990 and very soon the program was recognized in number of European countries, in particular, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary. This is a program to train not only foster parents but also parents-educators and other caregivers.

Work with Families who Need Social-Pedagogical Support

The methodical manual will be interesting for specialists working with families in crises. It presents step-to step recommendations to develop skills to provide social support to families in crises in order to save a family for a child.

Bases of Parenting Competence

In the methodical manual the authors accentuate modern views connected with the parenthood in the whole and competent parenthood in particular its components and ways of forming.

Growing Together: Book for Parents

The book is dedicated to issues of child development, training parents to partner delivery, breast feeding, feeding of a child of first years of life, recommendations on the issues of developing child’s abilities, specifics of communication in a family.

Training Parents within the Program “Together to Harmony: Early Child Development”

The publication presents training manual directed to assist specialists to work with parents on the issues of early child development, presenting traditions of folk pedagogy, modern development methodologies.